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  • Wedding Dress Shopping By Body Type | White Gown

    Every bride is unique in her own way, and it's the same with wedding dresses!

    Wedding gowns come in different silhouettes and with various features. When you find one that flatters your body shape, you can plan your bridal look to achieve the best impact. This task begins with identifying your body type, and then the ideal dress silhouettes for it. Let the wedding fashion experts at Best for Bride help you with this.

    How to identify your body type?

    To determine your body type, measure around different areas of your body and compare each set of measurements. This article describes the steps to taking correct measurements and matching it to corresponding body types.

    Generally speaking, body shapes are broadly classified into the following categories:

    • Inverted Triangle: Upper body is wider than the hips
    • Rectangle: All three measurements for shoulder, bust and hips are similar. There is no defined waistline
    • Triangle: Hip measurement is greater than the shoulder and bust area
    • Hourglass: Shoulder and hip measurements are comparable, while the waist is much smaller than either

    Once you identify your body type, it is easy to find the right wedding dress silhouette.

    Different body shapes and suitable wedding dress silhouettes

    The ideal silhouette for any body type would balance out the figure and try to create the illusion of an hourglass. Let us look at the different wedding dress silhouettes that make this happen for the different body types.

    Inverted Triangle: Also called the apple-shape, women whose body resembles an inverted triangle carry weight around the midriff. These brides will benefit from dresses that pull the upper torso inwards and divert attention from the waist. The dress should ideally camouflage the slighter proportions of the hips and shift attention towards the neckline and sleeves.

    Morilee wedding dress style 8127

    The ball gown is a dress style that achieves the intended effect. The ample layers in the skirt will balance out the overall shape. A-line dresses and fit and flare gowns that flow away from the hips are also good choices. Avoid dresses that fit closely. Mermaid and trumpet style dresses cling to the body and can emphasize the thickness of the upper body and thinness of the lower body. So, these are choices that you should avoid if your body shape is an inverted triangle.

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  • Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs | White Gown

    Nothing tugs at the heartstrings of the guests at your wedding quite like the father daughter wedding dance songs. It is an emotional moment for everyone as the doting father turns over his baby girl to her loving husband to start their new lives together.

    Choosing Your Song

    In choosing your father daughter wedding dance songs, aim for something that speaks to both of you and fits in with your personal style and relationship with your father. While you want the song to show your love, make sure that the song is not overly romantic, as that could be a bit awkward. Choose something, instead, that represents familial love and sentiment.

    10 Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

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